White line reflections

On the highway of my history

Send me wandering

And turn life into a mystery


White line reflections

Rushing past my car

As I drive into the twilight

And look up at the stars...

White line reflections

Keep me on the way

Never stop coming at me

In the night and in the day


I came such a long way

And the years have run off

And left me behind

Where is my life going?


As I drive my car down the highway

I ask myself the same questions

And the pointless interrogation continues…


White line reflections

Flash back the moonlight

Through the moist regrets

In my eye sight


I will protect the dreams I had for my life

I will raise the walls high

I will stop trying to succeed

At most things

And especially those I really love

Because I couldn’t bear another failure

Or a critical look

From people I needed to lift me up

From people I left

Because I felt they didn’t want me anymore

Or at least didn’t want me the way I am


I’m having trouble loving you

The person in my present situation

I’m having trouble trusting you

The person in my present location…


I want to move forward

But my feet are moving so slowly

And those around me are getting impatient

Because I can’t let go of the past

And it’s getting heavier to carry every day.


If I could write

The thoughts I have tonight

If I could say

Something about yesterday

To a friend

To someone who would listen

And not condemn


It would make me feel better

If I could write a letter

Or a story or a poem

That shattered the walls around me

That freed my spirit

And if someone would hear it

The white line reflections

Would keep the beat

To a song of joy…


8-26-06  By Randy Stahla

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.