He sits above the circle of the Earth and watches the spheres travel 'round

He's present whenever the sun comes up

And he's there when the sun goes down.

When noontime arrives and we sit down to eat far away there are others who see the night

When orange and gold touch the east with the dawn,  still others see the sun's last light

The Earth keeps spinning 'neath the stars so high, ‘neath shadow and shining from the Sun,

But God is present in the dark and the light,

He starts at the dawn and at dusk He's the One - who walks the line between sunlight and moonlight,

Daylight and twilight, who is always there at Sun's rising, and when the day is done.

There is never a sunset that He does not paint,

There is never a sunrise He does not see,

There is never a moment at either time,

That He is not with you and me.

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.