Welcome to Heaven

Letters from your guardian angel

Introduction: The following series of letters  are written by a guardian angel (“Sage”) to a college student (“Ann Marie”) when she first arrives in heaven. Ann Marie has lots of questions for the angel. Why did she die so young, what is her family going to do now that she is gone, what is the point of all her hard work and studies on earth, etc.; these letters are obviously fictional but they are based upon what has been revealed about the after life in the Bible. The point of these letters is to encourage those who have lost a loved one.


Ann Marie,

Welcome to heaven! Many people have been waiting to see you, and there are lots of sights for you to see, but first you need an introduction. There is no need to rush now – you’ve got forever.

You expressed concern when you first arrived that you will never be able to use what you have learned and worked so hard for on earth. Your life was just beginning to take shape, and all is wasted. You were going to college, and just starting to make progress when your life was suddenly cut short.

No need to worry.  On earth your spirit was attached to your temporary dwelling – your body – very loosely indeed. Your body was kind of like an instrument – a way to communicate with and be tied to your former world. The things you learned, the experiences you had, were all learned and felt through your former dwelling.

When you left that dwelling behind, you still kept the things you learned. And now they will be used in the new world. After all – our Lord “Is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.” When you were conceived, it was the start of an eternal being. The things that you learned and experienced during your life on earth will be used as you begin to live in heaven.

You will be rewarded for the good that you did while on the earth – your mistakes and sin nature have been paid for by the blood of Christ. You were set free from your past, and you have been given an eternal inheritance to reign with the Son of God! We angels don’t understand that – it is an experience that only you humans can have. Jesus Christ came into the world and had a temporary dwelling, like you once had, and he paid the price for your sins while he was on earth. That is something I will never comprehend – not being human like you.

On the day he died, all the angels were told to stand aside and do nothing to help him. If ever there was a dark day in heaven, that was it. But so many were depending upon his victory being won. Many people from all time were waiting for God to send a redeemer, in order to “Pay for the sins committed under the Old Covenant.”

Anyway, you now have a new body, one that will never break down or die! I am sure that it fits you perfectly, and your previous learning experiences on earth were carried forward into your new life. You will be using the things you learned; especially those times you spent learning about God in his word. “Physical exercise was beneficial, but spiritual exercise was even more beneficial,” because you could use what you learned about God then and now.

So what I am trying to say is that nothing in your life was a waste. It may seem like it now to your parents, but when they get here and see how well you’re doing they will understand why you were born, why you went through what you did, and how God has taken care of you.

God is on both sides of the doorway of death. He is on the other side with your parents, and he is on this side with you. There isn’t anything that separates God from either side of eternity.

You expressed concern about your family – your parents and sisters and brothers. They will have a hard time of it, but if they spend time in God’s presence they will experience the same thing you are.

God’s presence is the only thing you have in common with them since you left their world. Your family can’t see you, but soon they will join you. They have the key to heaven. They know the “Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jesus Christ), and soon they will be here. God is busy preparing a place for them. When they arrive, all of the bad will be forgotten. He will “Dry every tear, and sorrow and death will be no more.”

They will have a hard time dealing with the way you “died.”  I was there with you, and I saw what happened. They are so limited – they didn’t see you walk away with me and leave sorrow and pain behind. What I have a hard time with is the word – “death.” It is such a splendid and wonderful thing to take someone on this journey to eternity.

This will be a time when their faith is tested. Will they keep on believing? I think so. They will be learning that they can trust in the character of God. Is God good or evil? Does God do evil things? Does God really care? You can look around you now, and see the character of God everywhere. It is easy for you to see how wonderful God is. But they still live in a dark and confusing world. They still see things as in “A darkened mirror.”

It is easy for you now. And God will soon bring them to the other side of forever to see just how great you are doing.



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