I will never hear another person whispering to me.



The goal of the DesertSnow web site is to encourage people. The primary focus is on those who have lost loved ones. But there are all kinds of losses. Hearing is one of them. Some people lose their hearing when they are born, while others suffer a loss later on in life. This can be devastating. For some people, they go on with life and make adjustments fairly quickly. For others, it is not so easy. Some people get discouraged and respond to “You need to get going again.” But others lose their drive to go on, for whatever reason. This poem, and this site, is for those people. They need a catalyst, a gentle push, a reminder of the good things that God has planned for them.

I have a friend who is hearing impaired. I sent this poem to him and asked him what he thought. He basically told me that this poem could be good or bad depending upon my audience. My intentions are good. I want people to be encouraged, and to derive hope from this poem.

I know that people may not literally see the Lord someday and have him “touch their ears.” We will have new bodies. But the idea in this poem is that  Jesus Christ will “Make all things new.” Maybe the way He will speak to us someday is through our minds. Maybe we won’t have hearing the way we do now. Maybe sound will be based on totally different principles than we know of right now.

But the point of this poem is to give people hope - people who are really down about life in general because of a hearing loss. The other goal of this poem is to encourage people to listen to God’s voice when the noise of this world doesn’t drown out the voice of God.

Author: Randy Stahla, copyright 2006.


I will never hear the sound of leaves blowing in the wind...


I am shut out from hearing what most people are saying.



And when I hear God’s soft, still voice, I can see the invisible...


I will never hear the sound of an alarm clock.




And I know that someday God will touch my ears, and I will be able to hear, and the first words I will hear are:  “Well done...”

Copyright 2006, DesertSnow.org and its licensors.

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