Sometimes you thank me, for treasures I give you

In the light of day, when you can see your way...

But sometimes I give you treasure - in the darkness,

In the uncertainty, in the fog, when you aren’t sure of where you are

When your journey is really far

When you are weary of waiting for my plan - and for my hand - to lift you up and exalt you.

Can you thank me when your hands are tied, with no control

When you think I’ve lied, about something to do with your life’s goal

And you’ve cried, “Master, do you not know I will perish?”

...But listen to the wind, and know that I ride upon the storm; come before me and thank me again, and whenever you’re forlorn, let me dry your tears

And remind you of all the years, I’ve loved you and taken care of you, and planted my dreams - in your soul.

I will still carry you, to the ends of a wind-swept life, amidst the storms and strife; I will keep you in the safety of the calm....

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.