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“Drifting Sand” Poem...

“Bring You Flowers” is a new page in the Galaxy Cafe section. This page is dedicated to our troops  & their families, and is meant to honor those who are serving our country. “Bring You Flowers” is a song written and performed by Kristen Scott, a new artist on DesertSnow. The song is about a young woman who lost her husband in the war in Afghanistan, and is now raising her son alone. This song is based on a true story. As we celebrate the holidays, please remember our troops and their families in your prayers and in your gifts,  whatever you are able to do for them.

For God so loved each and every person throughout all ages that he sent his only Son (a Prince) to this world as a homeless man (a Pauper)...that whoever would believe that he really is a Prince and accept his death (as payment for the things they have done wrong),  they would not lose themselves (die) but inherit the true riches (that  will never fade), and live forever with God...John 3:16

“The foxes have their dens, and the birds have their nests, but I, the Messiah (Jesus Christ) do not have a place to lay my head.”   Matthew 8:20

The Galaxy Cafe has “food for the soul,” and includes special features about musicians around the world. As time goes on, more artists will be added. During the holiday season, new articles, videos, and art will be  added. I hope you enjoy these pages. If there is something you would  like to see in this section, especially with regard to our troops and their families, please send us an email at - thanks!

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The CD can be purchased on - it is being sold in a DVD case as a 2-disk set. The CD has 12 songs, and the DVD has 3 of my animations - “River of Fire,” “SPIKE!” and “Glass Dawn - the demo reel.” Please note that they don’t tell you this on iTunes, etc.

Dick Warren on Trail Ridge, 2011, left this world on May 27, 2012 after being hit by a car that crossed over the yellow lines into the wrong lane. This page is dedicated to him and his family and friends who dearly miss him. A road sign was put up on the spot where the accident happened, asking other drivers to be more careful.

His daughter Juel wrote a poem for him called “The Final Bike Ride.”

 The Final Bike Ride

I started the day in anticipation of a bike ride - one I would normally take

with the freedom of the open road,

I’d never know for certain how many miles I’d make...


With the warm spring wind against my back,

and the sunshine beaming on my face

it reminds me of how much I love to bike

because it is my free place.


Free to think and ponder

free to roam and see

free to pray and thank God

for the Lord truly blesses me.


With the paved cement road under my wheels,

I steadily peddle forward

then I surge ahead with my head lowered

but in a twinkling of an eye something happens

and I am surprised by what I see….

under my wheels are gold paved roads,

but how this could this be?


Then I see my Lord and Savior and he meets me with loving arms

it’s then realize I was protected by a dying grace and there was no cause for alarm.

it is my final bike ride and now I am truly free.

thank you Lord Jesus for always being there for me.

Ten Thousand Flowers


Ten thousand flowers bloomed

The day they took you away

Flaming winds in the sky

Whisked you far away


Into the arms of beings ordered

To end your earthly stay

In the world of blooming flowers

Birds and trees and hours


To a place where hours are no more

Where time and pain

Never begin again

Through God's mysterious door


You went through the doorway of death

In a moment of time

That cannot be divided by two

They carried and lifted you


Into the world of shining more than light

Into the presence beyond sight

Beyond the fast, the slow, the busy

And the dizzy world of vanity


Peace and wonder and by God's use of human blunder

And the frailty and confusion of humanity

Racing to and fro to endless meaningless tasks

You were taken from the world of endings...



...And good-byes

And separation

And longings

And loneliness

Where everything

Is temporary...



And someday I shall see you once more

Beyond the now

And the clocks that tick for dusty dreams

That never are what we think they will be...


In eternity -

With the First and the Last -

We both shall be

Forever free...


In memory of Dick Warren

By Randy Stahla  10-14-12


Revelation 1:17-18 Ezekiel 8:2  Psalm 104:1-4


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