When white snow blankets the ground

When clear skies uncover the stars

A shooting star plummets downward

To show a beautiful sight

A white rose shining in the night air

…But no one knows how it got there.

People from all around came to look and see for themselves

And they all agreed – it was an awesome sight.

Read the true story behind “The Tale of a White Rose.”

How could a rose grow in the cold

And how could it stay and not die; how could people believe if this were told - the tale of a white rose.

No one saw it for a long time - amidst the scarlet and yellow ones, amidst all the beauty of spring and summer and fall

When all else was in bloom...

But in the whiteness one kept on, Winter came and it wasn’t gone

The whiter than white, the most gentle of all,       standing up against the cold – so very beautiful.

Author: Randy Stahla, copyright 2006.

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