Please love me anyway, when emptiness fills my cup

When I am wilted, though watered

When Iím not as strong as I was

Because Ė well, just because...

Iím at the bottom of a long staircase ascending slowly...

And sometimes I just stop, and people behind me have to wait,

And people in front look behind,

And wonder what Iím doing.

ďGet over it,Ē they say.

And after awhile I wonder why I canít.

People used to listen to me, but now I donít say much,

Because theyíre out of ideas, that will make me feel better.

And when their words of comfort donít help much Ė

I feel guilty for not responding as I should,

To their concern and to their touch.

Iím trying to climb this stairway, but my feet are heavy,

And I just want to go down from where I came.

But I canít go back, because time wonít let me.

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ďBlue BallerinaĒ was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.