To many people, “foreclosure” is just a word. But to others, that word has an ominous sound.

People need to go on after a foreclosure, but they may not be very effective until they get closure.

To do that, you may need to really get a hold of how you are feeling about the whole situation so you can move on. I hope this poem helps you to do that.

The Taxi


I know the feeling of an empty room

Where once lived my dreams

And laughter

And children playing

And a busy kitchen filled the air

More than the furniture or paint or wood

Ever stood the test of time

Or became a priority in my mind


I know the sound of harsh words…

“You have to leave.”

“We’re changing the locks.”

“You can’t come back.”

“You don’t belong here anymore.”


I know the bitterness

Of throwing things away

That normally I would have kept;

Of sore hands, feet, and back

As I removed my belongings

To get them out for the new owner

Of a place I didn’t want to sell

When I moved my rocking chair onto the sidewalk

And let strangers enjoy my windows


I know what it is like -

To see them watch to make sure I leave

To see my kids’ playground and swings

Torn out and thrown into the trash

To remain friendly and business-like

When I was crushed on the inside

To walk in the other direction

Away from the years I tried

To work and save and hope that someday

I would have a home to be proud of…


“Foreclosure” is just a word to many people

But for the years and the work I lost

For the sleepless nights I turned and tossed

For all the bridges I now must cross

To a new life that isn’t welcome

To a new way that now I disdain

To an unknown future

That beckons me to a new day

To a home I haven’t found

To a job that is elusive

To a cold world that can be so abusive

I now cringe with fear

And there is no one near

In this experience they call foreclosure…

And most people don’t understand

That the little things and the memories

Are what matter – not the building or the walls…


But now I must go on

And even if I don’t want it

The future is waiting

In a taxi outside

And I hear the horn blowing

But I don’t want to move

I want everything to end

Right here, right now

But as I walk away

And hear the front door close behind me forever

I remember some words…

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

And, “He has made a city and a new country that will never fade away -

A city with foundations whose architect and builder is God.”


And he is waiting for me in the taxi

To ride with me wherever I go in this life

Until the day I walk away from these temporary dwellings

Into his home, never to leave or say “Goodbye.”





        · By Randy Stahla, copyright 2008

        · Picture copyright by DesertSnow and its licensors.

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