Tight Wire


You’ve seen the end of the rainbow

Sparkling colors touched your hand

As you sang out to the public

And your agent made plans


You’ve stood before many

Singing richly singing fine

As the music filled the room

You thought it was a sign


That things would get better

Your life was going higher

And your balance was perfect

As you walked the tight wire


But tedious was the journey

And hot was the fire

Over which you kept vigilant

As you walked the tight wire


In the limelight of the world

Your appearance is a must

You can’t look “just average,”

As you get off the tour bus


On the streets of the city

Where the tour bus drives

Are all the nameless faces

That see you arrive


They have expectations

That change every day

You never know what they want

Or what you should say


You’re walking and straining

To stay above the fire

Your voice can’t be waning

As you walk a tight wire


But off in the corner

Of a darkened street

Stands a little girl lonely

That you happen to meet


Her brown eyes sparkle

Even when life is bad

She reaches out a hand to you

And you feel so sad


But her smile is so disarming

And her radiance is glad

And you forget your public

And the agent who is mad


You bend down to talk

To the little girl bright

You smile back and engage her

And find in your sight


Is a priceless treasure

Like no one you’ve seen

And here on a dirty street

Is a true beauty queen.


You’re late for the concert

Your agent is mad

The public is booing

But you are not sad


A dirty street corner

Where life is so bad

Gave you a treasure

The best you’ve ever had…

Whatever your dreams are as far as your music career, never forget the importance of  reaching out to just one person. As you travel from city to city and you sing to small or large crowds, remember how important each person is. Remember that your greatest ministry, your greatest reward, your greatest endeavor is for that one person.

This is a fictional story that could apply to almost any singer or musician as they travel around to cities of the world.

It is dedicated to Tammy Edwards because she has been doing music ministry for 23 years for small and large crowds, but she hasn’t forgotten the importance of “one.”

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Tammy Edwards a native Iowan had been writing and performing Christian and pop music for the past 23 years. Her style is very much like Amy Grant. She has won 14 National songwriting and vocal awards over the past 10 years. Some include: 1997 Christian Artists Inspirational Song of the Year for her song "Seasons of Love" in Estes Park, CO, 1998 Runner up in the John Lennon songwriting contest for her children's song "Through the Night" to most currently winning the Just Plain Folks 2002 Contemporary Christian Album of the Year, 2002 Just Plain Folks overall Album of the Year out of 7800 entries and 2002 Just Plain Folks Songwriter of the Year out of the 20,000 members in the worldwide organization. Her songs have been recorded by other unsigned artists and one even considered for a Disney movie. She is currently writing for an upcoming sultry pop album of her own and hopes to get a cut on a movie script one day.

Graphics and Text from Tammy Edward’s web site copyright 2005 by Tammy Edwards, used by permission.

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