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“Bring You Flowers” is a new page in the Galaxy Cafe section. This page is dedicated to our troops  & their families, and is meant to honor those who are serving our country. “Bring You Flowers” is a song written and performed by Kristen Scott, a new artist on DesertSnow. The song is about a young woman who lost her husband in the war in Afghanistan, and is now raising her son alone. This song is based on a true story. As we celebrate the holidays, please remember our troops and their families in your prayers and in your gifts,  whatever you are able to do for them.

For God so loved each and every person throughout all ages that he sent his only Son (a Prince) to this world as a homeless man (a Pauper)...that whoever would believe that he really is a Prince and accept his death (as payment for the things they have done wrong),  they would not lose themselves (die) but inherit the true riches (that  will never fade), and live forever with God...John 3:16

“The foxes have their dens, and the birds have their nests, but I, the Messiah (Jesus Christ) do not have a place to lay my head.”   Matthew 8:20

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Taught By An Angel


There was an angel, sitting before a group of people who had just come to heaven.  Beside him were giant crystal pillars, behind him were stars  and galaxies, and he was sitting on a floating crystal chair which moved about over a sea of glass. I had no idea what he was going to teach us, and I was surprised to hear the subject matter. It seemed irrelevant,  and if I had been on Earth, it would have been boring. But now, as I was surrounded by overwhelming power and glory, every word he spoke stood  out to me like trumpets sounding in a parade of lights....

"The word "Angel" means "Messenger," and that is what I am. For me, the war  still rages, but for you it is all over. Your time on Earth is finished. Many times your experiences on Earth were very difficult - and I  watched you struggle, hoping that you would hide in your heart the things we will now be studying in great detail. Some of you used the Message we brought, and some here in heaven gave their lives on Earth to bring the Message to others. Very few on Earth used the Message we gave them, and through the centuries we Angels have watched you struggle because you knew very little of what was said, and what was meant for  your encouragement. The Message was right next to you, but the cares of life carried you away.


There are many people of faith from past centuries who are waiting to meet you, and this class is to acquaint you with their lives and their words  so that you might be prepared to enjoy their company to the fullest. There is plenty of time now - there are no doors that need a key, there is no pain that needs a remedy, there is nothing from your former life that would hinder you from knowing and learning more about the Sovereign God and his servants. Remember, your Lord Jesus Christ said, "He is not the God of the dead, but he is the God of the living."  The servants of God you have heard of from past generations on Earth are here now to greet you.


And many of the lessons and ideas you have carried with you from Earth must be addressed - especially those having to do with tragedy and the  events you may have gone  through before coming here. On Earth, the  Message was given to you, but it was hard for you to focus on that, hard for you to understand; though many times we tried very hard to help you.


But how can you convince a wild stallion that a fence is good for them? How does a young child react to boundaries and restrictions? How can humans live in the presence of a consuming fire - the Lord - how can they understand that their freedom lies in the arms of ordinances and laws? The secret to security and well-being of our hearts and minds continues as we grow and develop in the soil of the structure and ordinances of  the universe. The root of our happiness cannot live in the chaotic emptiness of free space, but requires the nutrients and restricted growing area of all plants, and the boundaries of the sea must remain to hold back the destructive waves.


This is why we must return to the God who gives ordinances and laws, who establishes boundaries and limitations, and the security of all that is  ordained for our existence in order to have hope in the midst of chaotic destruction and trauma. In the midst of human wreckage and terrible  storms and terror there is still the eternal God whose throne is  established upon justice and righteousness, and who will come to judge the Earth. The sun rises in the morning, the planets stay their course, and the sovereign God rules everything.


Jesus Christ is the only person who ever obeyed God completely, so the point of these lessons is not to justify anyone before God on the basis of obedience and self-righteousness; none of you are here now except that you have claimed the righteousness and holiness of Christ as your own.  The point of these lessons is to give you joy and peace in knowing that you have inherited a Kingdom based upon perfect law, order, and authority that cannot be broken or destroyed. It is to help you understand the government that you are now part of - as rulers with Christ. It is to help you see that time and space no longer hold you  back from enjoying eternity and the God who loves you. It is to help you understand your part as citizens of the city of God, and to help you judge angels, which is one of your new responsibilities.


The first section of the Message we will study is Psalm 119. This Psalm  creates the mood, the atmosphere, the attitude, and the desire of the  nations for the living God. The key words of this Psalm are shades of  the "color" of devotion to God and everything he has revealed to us  about his person and work. Very few people took this Psalm to heart on the Earth, where the war rages to this day. The enemy hates this Psalm, and does everything he can to keep people from ever finding the life of  devotion to the living God.


The key words in this Psalm are Precept, Commandment, Ordinance, Testimony, Word, Statute, and Law. Each key word is a doorway to the eternal, to strength, peace, safety, and  security. Each key word reveals a door to galaxies of wonder once you  have entered into the realm of discovery. There is no end to the spatial dimensions of each realm that these doorways open up to. Some have  believed that the shades of the "color" of devotion to the living God are like boring synonyms in a dusty old prayer, but you yourselves can see heaven itself, and that there are no longer any geometric  limitations for you. You yourselves live now in the "place" of the  origin of this Psalm, and you can see that "Forever, O Lord, your word stands firm in Heaven." Psalm 118:89


You are in the presence of the Holy One, "By the blood of Jesus, by a new  and Living way," and you are in every "place" of the universe at once, with new bodies that will never fade. You are on a new journey now, to  discover the endless joy of discovery as you go through each doorway for each key word in this Psalm, and this is the beginning of no beginning and no end."


As you read the following key words and verses from Psalm 119, study the stories and the texts from the Message that go with them. There is no  limit to our time here; there is no time - only eternity, so let these words take hold of your heart, and know that the Lord will give you wisdom and understanding. As you receive these words with joy, feel free to wander about the galaxies you see  before you, knowing that you will still be here at the same time.


Please read and study the following words from the Message - you will need to  be familiar with these things so that you can communicate better in this new realm. The material things you valued on Earth don’t matter now. You don’t need keys, because there aren’t any doors to unlock. You don’t need health insurance, because no one gets sick here. You don’t need a car, because you can be everywhere at once. You don’t need to know about most of the things that you were consumed with before - paying bills,  getting rid of dust and dirt, going to court, paying fines, dealing with angry people, abiding by endless regulations having to do with  buildings and society that will all soon disappear, etc - priorities are completely different here. The following words form part of a new foundation for your understanding and they will enable you to know the heart of our God.


1. Precept - This comes from a root word, "Preceptere," which means "To warn ahead of time." This is a warning that relates to  everyday life. There are hundreds of warnings in the Message. Some  people asked as they faced troubles, "Why didn't an angel or someone  warn me about this?" We did - it was to be found in their hands before  the trouble ever came.


"I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have kept me alive. I am yours, save me; for I have sought your precepts." 119:93-94


"I will walk in a wide place, for I seek your precepts." 119:45


"You have ordained your precepts, that we should keep them diligently." 119:4


Example of Precepts - Deuteronomy 8:11-14


"I am small and despised, yet I do not forget your precepts."  119:141


"They almost destroyed me on Earth, but as for me, I did not forsake your precepts." 119:87


Compare I Samuel 23:19-29


"I understand  more than the aged, because I have observed your precepts." 119:100


"From your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way." 119:104


"I am a companion of all those who revere you, and of those who keep your precepts." 119:63


"May the arrogant be disappointed, for they subvert me with a lie; but I shall meditate on your precepts." 119:78


2. Commandment

"I love your commandments above gold, yes above fine gold." 119:127


"Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, for they are ever with me." 119:98


Compare I Samuel 26

(David spared Saul the second time, and God made him wiser than his enemies and enlarged David's heart so that he would even love his enemies and  show kindness to them)


"Your hands made me and fashioned me; give me understanding, that I may learn your commandments." 119:73


"I shall run the way of your commandments, for you will enlarge my heart." 119:32


II Samuel 9 - God enlarged David's heart to help the relatives of Saul, his enemy, after Saul had died and David had firm control over the  kingdom. David could have ignored them, but he reached out to help them.


3. Ordinance - A law having to do with putting things in order; what God  has ordained for the Earth and its order and arrangement; and which  ordains the operation, direction, existence, and future of all things.


"Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations; you established the Earth, and it stands. They stand this day according to your ordinances, for all things are your servants." 119:90-91


"The sum of; your word is truth, and every one of your righteous ordinances is everlasting." 119:160


Example of Ordinance - Deuteronomy 10:11-16


"Seven times a day I praise you, because of your righteous ordinances." 119:164


"I have not turned aside from your ordinances, for you yourself have taught me." 119:102


"At midnight I shall rise to give thanks to you because of your righteous ordinances." 119:62


"I have remembered your ordinances from everlasting, O Lord, and comfort myself." 119:52


4. Testimony - Any evidence for a fact or assertion (proof). Testimonies are the stories, narratives, and lessons taught through actual life experiences  and events of people in the Message.


"I have inherited your testimonies forever, for they are the joy of my heart." 119:111


"Your testimonies also are my delight; they are my counselors." 119:24


Example of a testimony - Deuteronomy 10:18-22;

8:3-10;  8:15-16


"I considered my ways and turned my feet to your testimonies." 119:59


"Your testimonies are righteous forever; give me understanding that I may live." 119:144


"I have more insight than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation." 119:99


"You have removed all the wicked of the Earth like dross; therefore I love your testimonies." 119:119


Compare I Samuel 30, especially verse 6.


"Incline my heart to your testimonies and not to dishonest gain." 119:36


"I have rejoiced in the way of your testimonies, as much as in all riches." 119:14


"I keep your precepts and your testimonies, for all my ways are before you." 119:168


5. Word (Promise from God to me, for my life & situation, shown to me by the Holy Spirit in times of seeking God and times of great need).


"Remember the word to your servant, in which you have made me hope." 119:49


Compare II Samuel 7:8-29 God's rama(specific word) to David


"O may your lovingkindness comfort me, according to your word to your servant." 119:76


"You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word."  119:114


"Sustain me according to your word, that I may live; and do not let me be disappointed in my hope" 119:116


"My eyes anticipate the night watches, that I may meditate on your word." 119:148


"Establish my footsteps in your word, and do not let any iniquity have dominion over me." 119:133


"I am exceedingly afflicted; revive me, O Lord, according to your word."



"Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your word." 119:67


"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." 119:105


"Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against you." 119:11


"Forever, O Lord, your word stands firm in heaven." 119:89



6. Statute - from "Statuere," "To set up;" a moral law or physical law of the  universe, decreed by the Sovereign God as permanent and unchangeable.


"Deal with your servant according to your lovingkindness, and teach me your statutes." 119:124


Example of Statutes - Starting in Deuteronomy 12:1-27:26


"The earth is full of your lovingkindness, O Lord; teach me your statutes." 119:64


"Though I have become like a wineskin in the smoke, I do not forget your statutes." 119:83


Compare I Samuel 24:8-22


"You are good and do good; teach me your statutes." 119:68


"Your statutes are my songs in the house of my pilgrimage." 119:54


7. Law - The 10 Commandments, the Law of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai.


"I hate and despise falsehood, but I love your law." 119:163


"Those who love your law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble."  119:165


"O Lord, I remember your name in the night, and keep your law." 119:55


"The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces." 119:72


"Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things from your law." 119:18


"The arrogant utterly deride me, yet I do not turn aside from your law." 119:51


"My life is constantly in danger, yet I do not forget your law." 119:109


The life of David was constantly in danger, and the life of Moses was  constantly in danger. He led the people of Israel out of Egypt, but they criticized him vehemently, and on several occasions tried to stone him to death. They did this, even after seeing God almighty on a pavement of Sapphire (see Exodus chapter 24).


(From the audience) "But isn't that a contradiction? Doesn't it also say that "No one can see God and live?"


Angel: "What are you talking about? When you lived on the Earth, didn't you  ever say, 'I watched the sun come up today.' - but what would happen if you stared at the sun in its full brightness? Your eyes would be  destroyed! The Apostle John said, "No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God, who is near the heart of the Father, he has made him known." You couldn’t see God in human bodies, just like you couldn’t stare directly at the sun without burning out your eye sockets!" So both statements are true - the people saw God on the sapphire pavement, and  no one can see God and live! When Moses asked to see God's full glory on Mt. Sinai, what did God say - NO!



"O how I love your law! It is my meditation all day long." 119:97


"I long for your salvation, O Lord, and your law is my delight." 119:174


Words from the Message floated in the air, where we could read them, and pictures of events about famous people in the Message came into our  minds, so that we could see and understand how they felt and what was  happening when the words from the Message were written. Angels floated  around, answering our questions; it was incredible how much we were able to take in, and how agile and powerful our new bodies were. Nothing got old or dusty here, nothing disappeared, and we would never have to say  “Goodbye” again.

Awhile later (whether minutes, hours, or days, I do not know, because all of time was not considered important or relevant) people from past Earth ages came in, and we met them...there was so much joy and unity here, and there were no regrets, because all of that had been washed away by  the blood of the Lamb and forgotten. The words of Psalm 119 came alive,  and our relationship with the Almighty became the most important thing in our eternal lives....

Dedicated to Dru Sjodin, Carl Mitchell Brown, Kayleah Wilson, Deputy Sam Brownlee, David Kellerman, Faith & Caitlin Kadlub, Lauren Johnson, Tiffany Johnson, Philip Crouse, Lacy Miller, Devon Arnold, Nadia Barghelame, Stephanie Marsh, Samantha Spady, Rebecca Allen, Mark Kriebel, Adrienne Morgan, Chelsea King, Mike Parrott, Samara Stricklen, Erin Reed, Sierra Krizman, Walter Jennings, Jamison Rowland, Michelle Shreffler, Valerie McGregor, Sam Zawada, Justin Williamson, Matt Walling, Sarah Munger, Heather Nielsen, Sonja DeVries, Javad Marshall-Fields, Karla Mendoza-Gonzalez, Vivian Wolfe, David Earl Thornton, Brian Love, Adrian Heideman, Jesse Snow, Joel Meyer, Gina Zalunardo, Michelle Gluckman, Kris & Lilly Kueneman, Abdiel Sanchez, Stephen Bohler, Micah Villarreal, Kelly Young, Greg Wilmot, Chuck Scheller, Jared Kurtin, Taylor Webster, Amber Dubois, Tyler O'Neill, Linsey Norton, Tyler MacKenzie, Zuri & Isai Flores, Michael Preston, Catherine "Catey" Willcox, Mark Whitman, Zachariah Nelson, Laurel Erb, Amanda Gonzales, Bradley Larson, Donald E. Johnson, Sedrick Niblet, Elizabeth Smith, Monica Felver, Laura VanRyn, and others who have left this world, as well as their families and friends who miss them.

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