A new country song by Blanche Tate in honor of her late Grandfather, Fletcher Tate.

Produced by: Billy Tate

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, Arkansas, 72532, 870-668-3222

Engineer: Jon Raney

Musicians: “The Cuttin’ Crew”

Tim Crouch: Fiddle & Mandolin

Robby Springfield: Steel Guitar

Doug Deforest: Bass & Background Vocals

R.P. Harrell: Keyboard

Mike Kennedy: Drums

For information contact: Angela Tate, 870-252-3267, abtart50@aol.com



On Tuesday morning, May 17, 2005, Fletcher Tate (age 88 and legally blind)  wanted his granddaughter, Blanche, to write down on paper some song lyrics he had been thinking about for several months.

The lyrics below are the end result of the work done on Fletcher’s lyrics by Blanche, her Mother Angela Tate, and her Uncle Justin Rutledge. They put the lyrics to their original music and now you can listen to the great song they came up with!

This is classic country at its best!

Sweet Home Up There


If we could go beyond the blue

And meet the friends that we once knew

There we could see our Savior’s face

And thank Him for amazing grace

There we could talk of days of old

And walk the streets of purest gold

There all the nights will turn to day

In that fair land so far away



Sweet home up there beyond the sky

No tear dimmed eyes, no sad goodbyes

Where there’s no worries, no pain, no cares

Sweet home up there, sweet home up there


In that sweet home up there above

Where all is joy and peace and love

Where roses bloom and never fade

There we will see what God has made

Repeat chorus

Repeat chorus

Sweet home up there, sweet home up there


Copyright 2005 Tate/Tate

“Where roses bloom and never fade...”

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There we could talk of days of old, and walk the streets of purest gold...”

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