When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, its fierce winds tore the city to pieces. It also hit the levee that protected New Orleans from the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans is lower than the lake, and this is one reason why there was so much flooding. This made it difficult for rescue operations, and thousands of people were stranded in the city waiting for help.

In a disaster like this hurricane, it is amazing how even the little things of everyday life can become priceless. This poem tries to emphasize this, as well as show how the mind of a child might  view the situation.

Soapy Water


Sometimes when my Mom

Asks me to come inside and take a shower

I get all upset

Cause I want to play for another hour

But now since the hurricane

Took everything away

I just want some soapy water

To wash the dirt away



And no troubles

Are what I wish for

Just some soapy water

To wash the dirt away

Just some soapy water

And I promise I won’t say

Mom let me stay out and play

A little longer


I can’t figure out where we are

Everyone is bigger than me

And we don’t even have a car

If I could have just one wish today

It would be for clean clothes

And to take a shower like I oughta’

And to know the feel of soapy water


People don’t seem to want us near

They say we’re dirty

And our clothes aren’t clean

But that’s not the way I want it

I would love to see a washing machine

Cleaning and scrubbing my pair of jeans

Sloshing and washing

With soapy water


Poor people couldn’t get out in time

Before the hurricane brought all the grime

We had no money or place to go

And cried and hid when the wind did blow

Toys and a picture book

And everything the hurricane took

Were all I had

They made me glad

But not as glad as I would be

With soapy water all over me


Who is Katrina anyway

I asked my Mom and she didn’t say

She was too busy talking and yelling

And complaining her feet are swelling

And I was afraid to ask again

‘Cause there’s lots of people who are mad

And I’m too young to be this sad

I just want a clean towel and clothes

And to smell again like a red rose

And to wash in soapy water.


I want to be clean

Even when they look at me real mean

But I just sit on the floor

Waiting and waiting for

Soapy water….

This poem is dedicated to those who have suffered so much because of hurricane Katrina, especially those who have lost loved ones.

Also - check out this excellent documentary on Katrina:

Still Waiting: Life After Katrina is a remarkable story of resilience, family, and attachment to place. The documentary focuses on  an African-American/Creole family of 155 people from the New Orleans area.

Still Waiting premiered on PBS stations across the  country during the second anniversary of Katrina in August 2007 and continues to be broadcast today.

Check out “Still Waiting”

I would love to see a washing machine


Cleaning and washing my pair of jeans

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