A crystal glowing night

A shooting star flies by

…but for a moment and it’s gone

Forever from the sky

If only I could reach up

And catch a shooting star

If only I could help you

And change life where you are

So much of what we do in life has nothing to do with living

So much of all the pain and strife has nothing to do with giving

So many times I have cried when nothing I could do

Except hear and see and feel and know all the things that were happening to you

So many times I took a walk and then began to run

With heart burning and raging when nothing could be done

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Our lives are like a shooting star quickly passing in the night

And death is like the burning sun that blinds our tender sight

Oh that love was powerful enough to keep us from turning to stone

Oh that I could make a wish for our sorrows to have flown

If only I had a chance in time to change the way things are

If only love could give me the power - to catch a shooting star

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.