I am the ďRam caught in a bush,Ē

No one tried to save me - I left Heavenís throne and my Fatherís side, and died for you willingly.

One night you tried to take your life, the scars on you remain

But think of my hands, my feet, and my side Ė my love for you hasnít changed.

The nails of death have been removed, but the scars are still there

My hands still show the proof I died

Out of love beyond compare

You havenít seen me yet, my child

But I am Faithful and True

And one day you will see my scars, the proof of love for you

But till that day - I am wherever my people are, to gather with them there

And those who know me welcome you, and will show you love and care.  Look for me in the Word of God, and trust me on lifesí way

Iím the one called Faithful and True - Iíll help you every day

And when you look at the scars you wear, or when others notice, too

Remember one day youíll see my scars - the proof of love for you.                          

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ďBlue BallerinaĒ was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.