Canvas is used for a special creation, painted by the Master of our lives.  Often he uses colors that seem strange or out of place. He uses brush strokes that defy our understanding. But each of us are His painting, His work while we live on this earth. 

When people die, we are left with a “painting” of their life - our memories of them. The memories, like brush strokes on a canvas, are different colors. Some are gray, some bright, some dark, some light.  All we have left is a “painting” of their life - the memories we have of them while they were still here. But in heaven we will see a new canvas, with a new painting that will never fade. And we will not need the memories left on the old canvas when we have been reunited with the person we love.

But in the meantime, it is very hard to let go of someone, and the emotions that follow the loss of a loved one are depicted in the following poem...

Please love me anyway - when emptiness fills my cup,

When I am wilted, though watered,

When I’m not as strong as I was... because – well, just because...

I’m at the bottom

Of a long staircase

Ascending slowly...

And sometimes I just stop

And people behind me

Have to wait

And people in front

Look behind

And wonder what I’m doing.

“Get over it,” they say.

And after awhile I wonder why I can’t.

People used to listen to me

But now I don’t say much

Because they’re out of ideas

That will make me feel better.

And when their words of comfort

Don’t help much –

I feel guilty for not responding as I should

To their concern and to their touch

I’m trying to climb this stairway

But my feet are heavy

And I just want to go down from where I came

But I can’t go back

Because time won’t let me....


Death and dying make us think - maybe more than we ever have before.  There aren’t any immediate answers. Most of the time life isn’t like TV – problems solved in less than an hour.

Perhaps death doesn’t seem as real to us nowadays because we can still see movie stars dancing and singing on the TV long after they have gone from the Earth.  Perhaps death is an even greater shock to people who are supposed to live in a world of technology with all the answers.

But there is a lot said about death in the Bible. The scriptures transcend mere human knowledge and understanding.  They were written by people inspired by God who is not limited to space and time.

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.