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Part of the “Red Rose” series of messages

This message is for all of you who are worried and afraid…


I was fascinated by the movie, “The Incredible Hulk.” I suppose most people who are into that kind of movie liked the special effects and the way he tossed military tanks around like feathers. But that wasn’t what got my attention.


After they used up all their weapons in order to destroy him, at the end of the movie you see him alive and well. Rifles, tanks, missiles, bullets, and large amounts of electricity couldn’t stop him. He found the secret of making DNA repair itself and all sorts of other cool powers came with it. They simply couldn’t kill him.


In short, we could say that he had an indestructible life.


But Jesus Christ went one step further. He actually commanded someone who had already been dead for several days to come alive again! There was no laboratory, no sources of electricity, and no computers. Jesus Christ commanded life to enter into decayed cells and tissue!


And then Jesus himself got up from a tomb and walked away! This is truly someone who had an indestructible life! And He still does! “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” Hebrews 13:8.


So why is this so important to you and me? It is important because even though the most powerful weapon on earth (death) was hurled at him and He suffered a direct hit, He walked away. He walked away from a direct hit by the most powerful weapon that can be unleashed against a person. And this same person is the one who is taking care of us.


The one taking care of us cannot be destroyed. And, Jesus Christ says, “I will be with you, even to the end of the world” Matthew 28:20.  Not only can he never be destroyed, but also we cannot be separated from Him.


Destruction and separation - probably the roots of almost everything that we worry about. Everything in life that we value can either be destroyed or taken from us.


Imagine that there is a place called “The Store of Life.” This is a store where you are given some money and some time, one in each hand. Then, you can go into the store and buy anything you want.


But as you go along the shelves and look at everything, you begin to worry. You have only so much money, and only so much time, and the items on all the shelves can be a) destroyed and/or b) taken away from you.


I believe that these are the two main reasons we worry. “What happens if…” can fill us with worry. What will happen when I wake up tomorrow? What (or who) will be taken from me? What will be destroyed?


As we walk through the store, everything can lose its appeal because when our money and our time are spent (i.e., our life) that’s the end. We don’t get any more than one chance.


But then we look up and see a sign by a box that says “INDESTRUCTIBLE.” Wow! That’s great! Inside is a legal document that says, “Whoever sells out to me will inherit eternal life and a kingdom that cannot be destroyed or taken away.”


 So you purchase the legal document and it costs everything you have. A seal is stamped on your hand and you take the legal document home to learn more about what you have bought.


As time goes on, you realize that the price you paid for this document is nothing compared to what Jesus paid to make it available to you. You also learn that the price you paid (i.e., your money and time) was really a gift to you in the first place.


So now you have bought a contract that is indestructible and that cannot be taken away. As you read on in the contract, you find out that a) you will someday have a home that cannot be taken from you and b) that even if someone dropped an atomic bomb right on top of you, it would do no good. The Lord Jesus Christ has made you just like Him, and He is indestructible!


This means that your life is indestructible and that you cannot be separated from what you have been given. It means that while others are grieving with no hope, you have a God who is right beside you as you walk through a valley of sorrow. Since you cannot be separated by the world’s greatest weapon (death), you can patiently wait for the day when you will see Jesus Christ and the ones you love.


It is so wonderful to know that your future is secure, and that it cannot be destroyed or taken from you. “Temporary” sounds good when it comes to problems. “Indestructible” sounds great when it applies to our lives. Our lives, the environment around us, our emotions, dreams, and wishes on this earth are fragile, like the petals of a rose. But with Jesus Christ, everything around us may be destroyed, but we are indestructible – we have eternal life even after our earthly bodies are gone.


If you get cheated, or hurt, or you suffer injustice, or they make fun of you, or take your job or house or car or… (name it), you are indestructible because as soon as you die HE will raise you again. And you cannot be separated from Him because there is nothing that can take Him away from you. Throw your worst weapons at us, world, and His mighty hand will shield us and take us into eternal realms.


“But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer. For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:37-39


The message of the Red Rose is about an indestructible life. It is about surviving and living through the worst things imaginable, because we cannot be destroyed and we cannot be separated.


This is why when I spilled boiling water on myself at work one night I had a perfect peace as they poured cold water over me to absorb the heat off of my chest. Before that, I constantly worried that something terrible might happen to me as I worked around all sorts of dangerous equipment and conditions.


This is why other people who have gone through much worse events found that they were indestructible even in death. This is why people who were torn to pieces by lions during the Roman Empire felt peace and joy as they were received into the arms of their Savior and Lord.


Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ, who is indestructible, and who wants you to share in his kingdom? You can accept his invitation now simply by praying this prayer with a sincere, believing heart. “Dear Lord Jesus, come into my life, and help me not to worry anymore. Please forgive me of all I have done wrong, and give me the strength to forgive others who have hurt me. Help me to see you and your glory and all that awaits me. Help me to see that the life you have given me is indestructible and that I can never be separated from you and my wonderful future. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”


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