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Red Rose


The beauty of the Earth

Is being swallowed up

By asphalt, oil, and concrete…


The fragile beauty of the rose

And its petals

Are symbolic of the beauty of nature

And the worth of every person


But nature

And people

Are feeling more and more –

Pressure, tension, loneliness, and isolation

For they are losing more of the beautiful things

They once knew

As those corporate interests that are selfish

Take control of the world

And our resources disappear

Into the abyss

Of those who build empires

That crush the human spirit

And the beauty of nature…


 By Randy Stahla



Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, August 9, 1945. 74,000 were killed and another 75,000 sustained severe injuries. This immense destruction was caused by only one bomb.

Photo courtesy of the National Archives.

I am not against the oil or construction industry, but I am trying to zero in on the emotions that so many people are feeling nowadays with the wars and terrorism that are going on and the pressure people feel as they struggle to survive.

It is not that we don’t have the supplies to feed the hungry or the knowledge to save our planet. But the resources seem to be unavailable to many and plentiful to a few

Although some of these conditions have been true of our planet down through the centuries, the ability to destroy our planet with nuclear devices has become a reality  only since 1945.  Nowadays anything is possible, and I believe this exerts a continual pressure on people unlike anything that we have  experienced before in history.

People are feeling more and more pressure, tension, loneliness, and isolation...

Just before World War II ended two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. This began a new era of destructive forces never known to humans. Today we live in the cloud of this potential destruction of the planet. We live in a time that is unlike any other.

A kind of invisible despair began in Japan. And in this world, despair finds a home in the hearts of people in Japan and around the world.

On January 27, 1951 the first of a series of atomic bombs were set off 300 feet above ground on the Nevada desert, 65 miles from downtown Las Vegas. There were 235 aboveground tests, approximately one every three weeks, for the next 12 years.

Tourists were told by the government that it was safe, and thousands of them came to Las Vegas to see the bombs go off. They used to have bomb parties, where they would gamble all night and then watch an atomic bomb go off in the morning.

They would sit out in the open at viewing sites and watch while atomic fallout and windstorms went over them, often blowing off their hats and even knocking them over.


Read more about the Nevada atomic bomb testing on PBS.ORG:

It seems that this careless indifference to human life and emotions, as well as the environment are intertwined in a basic attitude that life isn’t worth much. Violence is glorified in this world, and is considered entertainment by many. The world is still ruled by those who exalt power as their god and desire to place the world under their control and dominion. Compassion is in short supply, but will humans ever learn to love compassion as much as they love money and power? Will the day ever come when humans put away their powerful weapons and begin to see the beauty,  fragility, and the priceless value of the world around them?

Atomic Cloud


I see an atomic cloud

Coming from the ground to the sky

Bringing sudden destruction

To many who would die


I see shadows of people on the walls

Even though the people are not there

They have all turned to dust

But their shadows remain on walls so bare


I see the children living today after the bombs

I see them trying to find a way

To golden happiness

I see them looking for lost hope each day


But making money

And working so hard night and day

Cannot take away the pain

Of disillusioned minds held at bay

By the lie called “The good life…”


I see the masses riding

The trains of crowded confusion

I see the young people crying

In the midst of delusion


Because cars and pleasures and movies

Never give you the whole story

And the children know the truth

And they don’t see the glory

Of sparkling emptiness and dark sunshine


I see the children

Who have come to the end of the rainbow dream

And found nothing but the cold and empty

As they listen to their parents scream


At them, at the world, at the walls in the dark


I can feel the life draining away

From the children who are growing up

Who cannot see a sunny day

In their future…


And to each one bent on self-destruction I say:


You are thinking of taking your life

You’re planning a way to end everything

Your dreams have turned to dust

And there is no song for you to sing

That anyone will listen to


The bombs have been dropped on your life

You don’t fit in and no one understands

You feel abandoned and that there is no way out

You can’t meet everyone’s demands

And no one knows what you are about…


But I’m here to say that your desire

For self destruction

Is only from a lack of understanding

And a lack of information


There are things that you’ve missed

In your quest for the fire

That burns in a heart that is unstoppable

That lights your way to a better day

And leads you away from a liar


Who tells you that what you own

Gives you what you need

Who tells you the door to life

Is purchased with greed

And money that is only paper…


The clouds are so thick and heavy now

I see the shadows of the children on the wall

And only their shadows remain

But I can still hear their voices call

To anyone who will listen


Kids in the streets fighting, raging, lying down

Kids that you meet from the concrete beds

Kids looking for something to eat

Believing the lies in their heads

Just like everyone else who believes what is said

But never finds what the world promises

At the end of the rainbow.


I feel the pain of all the dark worlds

That the children live in every day

I feel the cries of those who want to end their life

As at death’s door they play


If you are one of those who cannot go on

Please listen to these poems

Please take time and quiet your mind

Please listen.... 


I wonder what effect dropping hundreds of atomic bombs above ground over a span of 12 years on the Nevada desert had on the world? I wonder where the winds blew the fallout to? I wonder how many people have been affected since then? I wonder - have we forgotten Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Just a few years after those cities were melted into oblivion, we considered it great entertainment to drop these same weapons over and over again....

On this page, the rose petals are symbolic of the fragile environment and human emotion.

As the petals are destroyed, they are a mirror of the hard times people are going through as wars and terrorism continue, pollution of the environment is unchecked in many countries, and the helpless are not helped. For example, in one Eastern European country people dip glass jars into the water in a stream nearby and approximately half of it is Kerosene. They separate off the Kerosene and drink the water...

In the cities, pollution still burns your eyes, and children live on the streets trying to survive.

In North Korea, children and families live out in the open and boil bark, twigs, and mud to survive on.

The Emperor was Everything


Japan’s  Emperor was everything

Till the bombs were dropped

His voice made the birds sing

The sky blue

And his wisdom

Was irrefutable

Till the bombs were dropped

And the ideal of a superman blew away in the wind


Empires are scattered

And no one knows

Who will be number one

Everyone keeps fighting

But winners and losers

Disappear one day

When death takes them away

And the Empires blow away in the wind...


Kingdoms seem so strong

They provide security

Like the ground we walk on

And all the things we are told

That make us strong and bold

Until the world around us collapses

And  we have nothing to stand on

And all our ideas of security become a lie

And we want to die



Is this the wind that is wrecking you -

Like a ship lost at sea

Is this the way you feel -

Like a prisoner with no chance to plea

In the prison of “no hope?”


Emperors aren’t always right

And kings and corporate bosses still lose their fight

In the war to keep on top

In the battle of life where they taught you

That they cannot be stopped

That you owe everything to them

That you are nothing

Without them…


But you are

You are…



A person




Fought for

Died for

Lived for

Prayed for

By the King of Kings

The Master who made everything

Whose life is indestructible

The One who died for you

The One who lives for you

To make you into someone who will




The Lord of creation

The Maker of all things

The One who delights in





The One who accepts you

Just the way you are

And wants you to live

And have hope

For the future He has given you

For the plans He has made for you

For the power that He bestows on you

For the forgiveness He has granted you

For the forgiveness He wants you to give to others

For the burdens He wants to carry for you

For the needs of yours he wants to meet

If only you will take the first step –



“For without faith it is impossible to please Him,

For whoever comes to God must believe that He exists,

And that He rewards

Those who seek Him…”

Hebrews 11:6


And there is a higher cause

A greater reason to live

A greater purpose than just living for things

Or pulling corporate strings

The One who died for you

Is calling you

Is telling you

Don’t end your life

Look to Me, and have faith

That I love you and I will take care of you

And I will never leave you

Even if the world ends

My life is indestructible

And I have a purpose for you and a plan

I am ruler over a kingdom that will never be destroyed

All power in heaven and in earth is mine

And I want you to “Call to Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3


“Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last and the Living One. I was dead, and now I am alive forevermore. I hold the keys of death and hades.”  Revelation 1:17-18


“I am the Lord, the God of all people; is anything too difficult for Me?” Jeremiah 32:27

“I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes.” Jeremiah 31:25

“For all the gods of the peoples are idols, but the Lord made the heavens. Splendor and majesty are before Him, strength and joy are in His place.”  I Chronicles 16:26-27

He is the Most High God. You can know him. You can call out to Him, and He will hear. “Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please come into my life, forgive me of all I have done wrong, and be the ruler of my life. I ask you to help me to forgive those who have hurt me. I ask you to help me to start living for a higher cause, for a greater purpose as you guide me. In your name I pray, amen.”


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