1. Halcyon Way

2. You Remain The Same

3. From Earth to Heaven

4. Celtic Summer Dance

5. Desert Snow

6. Drifting Clouds O’er The Moon

7. Kind Heart

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Jaki Song

T. Dawn

Andi Silvas

Stefani Stevens

Sector 8

8. New Ariel Joy

9. Ride On

10. Tea Timeless

11. Always Know

12. Benjamin’s Glen

13. Emerald Isle

Tunepaks from various artists on Reverbnation...Top 10 listeners from the past few months...

These tunepaks have at least 4 of their songs (if they have that many on their profile) - not just 1 or 2 songs, like you see in the Play list on the home page of Desertsnow. These artists are top 10 listeners for my music - Randy Stahla

 Billy T. Scrapper - Waterize

Reviving Richelle

Mary Lemanski

Fran Schultz

Julee Avery

Elena Martynova


Sean M. Kelly

“Homeless” Tom Stiner

Lisa Waites


Elena Vogt

Liz Lohnes

Rhonda Mackert

Dianna Paul

Cheryl Allison

Jennifer Nasto


John Revitte


Adrienne Iversen

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.