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10. Tea Timeless was written in memory of Lacy Miller who was kidnapped and murdered in January of 2003.This was a terrible tragedy for Lacy’s family & friends & many others who read about it  in the newspaper. I wrote this song after the common phrase “Tea Time” because Lacy loved to have tea parties with her friends and now those memories for her family & friends are timeless - hence the name, “Tea Timeless.”

The song is joyful and happy (like her life) until the end when the song becomes quiet and peaceful.  Even though Lacy went through a terrible experience, I believe that angels were beside her to take her home and that Lacy had God’s peace when she left the earth at the end of her time here.

One night at work I splashed boiling water all over my chest (wearing a T-shirt). They ran cold water over me as I laid on my back on a cement floor. I had a total peace inside from God’s presence (while the workers who looked on were horrified). This is one reason I believe that in spite of Lacy’s experience at the end, the presence of God was with her and she had the “perfect peace that goes beyond all human understanding” (Philippians 4:7) before she left this earth.

When no other person was around to help Lacy, I believe that God gave her a peace that goes beyond our ability to describe and that she went through the doorway of death into a place where there is “...No more sorrow, pain, or death.”  Revelation 21:4 

I look forward to meeting her someday for the first time.   

                                                       CELTIC NEW AGE STYLE

11.  Always Know is a simple song about living in God’s presence and experiencing his love and faithfulness. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been or what you are going through, you can totally depend upon the love from a very powerful person - Jesus.

                                                       CHRISTIAN POP

12.  Benjamin’s Glen is about a beautiful valley where a young boy plays and runs through the trees and greenery having the best time in the world. It is about a time when children pretend to be anything they want and feel completely cared for and secure. That is the way we can feel in spite of everything around us when our focus is on the power and presence of Christ and when we really believe that he is going to take care of us all our days.

                                                       CELTIC MUSIC

13.  Emerald Isle  is another title for Ireland, and emphasizes the beautiful green of this magical place. It is also the title of a short story I wrote that I hope to release in the next couple of years. I want to write some more chapters for this story - more to come later! The song starts out with the sounds of the waves on the seashore, and I wrote this to put music to the quiet, mysterious beauty of Emerald Isle.

                                                       CELTIC POP

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.