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This picture was taken from the top of the south rim using a camera on its highest zoom setting. It is impossible to see these details with the unaided eye. For more pictures like this, go to the “Stories” page and click on “Grand Canyon Pictures.”

From the top of the south rim to this bridge, it is approximately 2 miles as you look downward (diagonally). I didn’t see the tower in the picture until after I used a computer to extract this picture from a video frame. It was not present in the viewfinder and the bridge was barely visible.

I thought I was prepared for the sights at the Grand Canyon, but I was wrong. I had seen many pictures, and flown over the canyon 2 different times in commercial airliners. But going to the Grand Canyon is more of an experience than a visual sight.

I couldn’t help wonder what it will be like when we first see God. The first time that time and space are gone forever, the first time that ageing, dying, suffering, tears, disappointment, and hunger are only distant memories - what will it be like? The first time we don’t have to say goodbye anymore, the first time we can enjoy the presence of the Lord, who made heaven and earth (not just the Grand Canyon) what will it be like? Will the bitter pills life gave us finally be forgotten as God makes “all things new?”

If you have never been to the Grand Canyon, please make plans now to experience the impossible to describe. And when you experience the canyon for the first time, know that the God who loves you is much bigger than the canyon. His power and might can lead you on down the road of life after a huge loss and his lovingkindness is much bigger than your need.

“I pray that you might know and experience the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge...” (Ephesians 3:18-19).There is something about the presence of God and the love of God that is so overwhelming that you forget whatever was on your mind before you came near. And you can’t possibly know what it means until you experience it.

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.