Dusty Roads Page 2 (Cont.)

In the garden, during the trial,

In front of Pilate,

On the way up the hill to Calvary,

Each step, every breath, every moment,

I made a decision…

To give my life for you.

I know you’ve been troubled at times,

And lonely, afraid, and discouraged sometimes.

But if you never give your heart to me - or give anything to me,

I want you to know that I made my decision,

Gave my word, kept my promises,

And chose to risk everything for you.

When you woke up this morning,

I was there. And I made my decision long ago,

…I will always be there for you.

I went for them - And I went for you.

Oh I know all about you…

Since you were little;

I’ve made sure that you were taken care of.

And when you were unaware,

When you worried, I was there,

Always doing more for you than you realized.

And before you were born I made a decision,

Author: Randy Stahla, copyright 2006.

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