Not forgotten, Not insignificant, Not a waste of time


A little boy took his lunch today

No different than any other day

But the Master used the loaves and fish

To feed 5000…





I once bought a Bible

The nicest one I could find

And gave it to someone else

A good friend of mine


I prayed for him and told him

All about the Lord

But what I said and what I did

He totally ignored


I never heard from him again

I never ever saw my friend…


And one day years later

An old man called me on the phone

He told me he was a janitor

And was cleaning one night all alone


He found a Bible in the trash

And took it with delight

He had no money to buy his own

He took it home that night


He meant to call me years before

And thank me for what I had done

For inside the Bible he found my name

As the giver of a gift to someone


He was now in bed all the time

And unable to leave his home

But he thanked me for the Bible

He found when he was all alone…


By Randy Stahla

This is a true story.  I have never heard again from the friend mentioned here,  but this story may not be finished yet. God knows about “Every sparrow that falls,” and he knows about you. He knows the things you have given up, or suffered, or lost. He knows when you have been blamed for something you didn’t do. He knows when you have been misunderstood or forgotten by everyone else. He knows about your dreams that have come to ruin, and He will not forget what you have lost.

And now, do a little project for yourself. List the things, no matter how small, you have done for others. As you remember things, write them down. This is for the times when you feel totally insignificant, totally forgotten, and that your life is just a waste of time. This happens a lot to people nowadays, because the negative is emphasized so often.

Next, list the things others have done for you, and go and thank them.  Find one person a day and thank them and tell them you appreciate them.

Finally, find the good in someone you don’t care for. You don’t particularly like them. Maybe you can’t find anything good at first, but look for it. Think about it. If you are bitter towards someone (sometimes with good reason, in your mind) find something good and tell yourself to think of that one good thing every time they come into your mind.

After awhile, you just might see some of the dark corners of your world a little differently.

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.