My Little Boy


You will always be

My little boy

With trucks and trains

And sunny day games

With muddy bare feet

And candy so sweet

And orange pop cheeks

And tricycle squeaks

You will always be

To me

As delightful as can be

My little boy.


You will always be

My little boy

Who ran through the store

With questions galore

Who climbed in the trees

And watched bumblebees

Who turned my face red

With things that you said

You will always be

To me

As curious as can be

My little boy.


You will always be

My little boy

Who looked for the mud

And the grease and the crud

Who played all those games

And called girls names

Who found more and more

To store in his drawers

You will always be

To me

As wonderful as can be

My little boy.

You will always be

My little boy

Who fell off his bike

And medicine didn’t like

Who went without scrubbing

Or taking a bath and rubbing

The dirt off your ears

Oh what happened to the years

When you were here with me

My little boy…


But I am so glad

For the times that I had

When I watched you play

And heard you say

Can we, Will we, Do we,

Look at this, look at that,

Look at what I see

Look at me

Your little boy…


Look at me – your little boy - in heaven now…

Look at what I see…


Emerald pillars and white light

No more sorrows or tears at night

No more good-byes

Or anyone who dies…


He’s just like us

He understands

He knows our tears

And has a plan

To bring us here

All together again

To save us all

And be our friend


By Randy Stahla    For those who have lost a son.


I know that most of the pictures you see of Jesus Christ show him wearing a robe. And the picture in heaven describes Him wearing a white robe (Revelation 1:13).

In this picture, I took it on faith that He doesn’t always wear the same type of clothes. It says in Revelation 1:13-15 that “His eyes are like flames of fire, His head and hair are white like snow, and His feet are like burnished bronze glowing in a furnace.”

 I also gave Him a scepter made of emerald & light. He is not wearing a crown, because it is my impression that most of the time kings put on their crowns during special events or legal proceedings.

Imagine meeting Jesus for the first time! Imagine that your son is meeting Him, and that Jesus will be taking care of your son forever.

The One who died for us is the One who will be taking care of us. What a wonderful thought!

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