Sarah J. Munger

August 7, 1985 - February 15, 2005

Matt Walling & Sarah Munger (Cont. from previous page)

On January 28, 2005, Matt Walling took his life. About two weeks later Sarah Munger, his fiancé, ended her own life as well.  She died on February 14, Valentine’s day, which would have been their fourth anniversary.

There are lots of reasons why all this could have happened, but they both had the power to choose. It’s a power that we have all been given. In the days and weeks and years after they made these terrible choices, how do we go on? Doesn’t this tragedy strike at the heart of why we continue to live each day? Is there any good that can come from this?

Maybe the good that can come from this tragedy lies in our power to choose and the hands of a God who is always good. If we can overcome our tendency to see only the past and the present, perhaps we will catch a glimpse of the glorious things ahead.

If some of the people mentioned in the following poem are unfamiliar to you, then look them up in a Bible concordance or dictionary and read their stories. The time spent reading about these people will be well worth it!

If you are wondering about the word “leaven,” it is an ingredient used to make bread rise. In the Bible, the Israelites were instructed to use unleavened bread for ceremonies and religious festivals. Leaven is a symbol of sin, which starts out small in a community (or in your life) and then spreads. Jesus was perfectly sinless, and he said “I am the Bread of life.” So, therefore, I call him the “Bread without leaven.

The Power to Choose

God took a chance

When he made humans with the power to choose

Would he win or would he lose?

His children have the power to choose


The power Pilate had when he washed his hands

Before the Commander of the armies of heaven

The power the soldiers had when they drove the nails

Into the hands which became bread without leaven


The power Pharaoh had when he said “No.”

“I will not let your people go…”

The power Cyrus had when he said “Yes.”

“I will let your people go…”


The power Esther had when she entered the king’s chamber

Though it meant she was in extreme danger

The power the king had when his scepter he extended

To Esther seeking her people’s death sentence to be suspended


The power Daniel had when he continued to pray

Even though it meant the lion’s den that day

The power that Judas had to betray

Or was he like a piece of molded clay?


The power that Matt had to take his own life

The same power exercised by his future wife

The power Matt & Sarah’s families have to find the way

To the path God has for them today


The power to show the world around them

That the Bread of life without leaven

Is the only way to heaven

That the loss of their princess and their son

Was not in vain

But the pain and agony of sorrow

Will open the impossible to open doors

Will begin the impossible beginnings

Will cause the impossible to start

Will plant seeds in the hardened hearts

Of the impossible to reach

The impossible to teach

And the pride will be broken

Where it needs to break

And the power to choose

Will be used

By those far away

To come to Christ

Till the new day


And you will see Matt and Sarah again

With joyful release and then

The rest of the impossible to reach

The impossible to teach

Will gather with you in celebration

Of God’s glorious power and wisdom

To use

The power to choose.

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