Welcome to Heaven

Letters from your guardian angel

Letter No. 2


Ann Marie,

We were talking about how excited you were to see your ancestors who had gone to heaven before you. Then you asked me if I had any ancestors.

No – I don’t. Angels were created a long time ago, and we don’t change bodies like you (what they call “die” on earth). We don’t marry, have children, or see our relatives leave this world for another.

It would take many pages to tell you my whole history, but I can give you some highlights. About 604 BC earth time a lot of people in the nation of Israel were killed, and others were taken to Babylon – long story. Up till that time I was assigned to various people descended from Jacob. But when the nation of Israel was severely decreased in their numbers, there was a reassignment process and I ended up being assigned to your ancestors.

I knew your great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, (as well as a host of other relatives that are too numerous to mention here) and then one day you were born and I got assigned to you. It’s a strange thing sometimes to take care of people from the time they are born till the time they change bodies. There is so much shuffling around of people in families, and being assigned to various people on earth. For those humans we watch over it is a long process (i.e., what they call a “lifetime”) but for us it can go very quickly, especially since time is so different in our realms. When it comes to the subject of time - how would you say it on earth – “It’s like comparing apples and oranges?”

When you were born I was given your charge and during your early years I “Gazed continually at the face of your Father in heaven.” What that means is that when we watch children, we never take our eyes off of your Father in heaven so that we can see even the slightest reaction on his face as he sees what is happening to you. All he has to do is blink an eye and we are there right beside you to take instant action. That doesn’t mean that we don’t pay much attention to you as you get older. It just means that we are expected to be on “red alert” at all times and take extra special care of you when you are young.  I don’t know how many times I have kept a child from certain death!

From my standpoint it had only been a few minutes before you were in college (from the time you were born), and I suppose parents on earth feel the same (or at least I always hear them say, “They grow up so quickly”).  But then I was told (suddenly) to take your hand and lead you into this world. I don’t exactly know what is going on sometimes (just like you) but I don’t question anything because “His understanding is unsearchable.”

One disadvantage that humans have is that they only have a short time to learn lessons, and then often those lessons aren’t passed down. People make the same mistakes over and over – they repeat history. But angels have seen it all for a very long time and so you don’t see them repeating history. When the people of Israel went through the Red Sea (I was there) they saw God’s power at work, but future generations who didn’t see what happened started rebelling against God and wouldn’t listen. But we stand in the presence of God and have seen these events from the beginning of time.

As earth time goes on we see more and more gravestones added to cemeteries. Then they just blow away with time, the earth changes, and future generations of people have no idea what happened before them. But angels keep seeing new people spring up – like the grass of the field – and then the humans disappear. “The grass withers and the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” Most humans have very little knowledge about what happened to their own families as little as 100 years before. And they tend to think that they have “new” ideas, and that their generation is better than the last one. But each generation knows so very little about the previous generation.

But we have watched humans from birth till they “die” over and over again. You were fortunate to have a lot of ancestors who walked with God, and they passed down to you a Godly heritage that opened the door of heaven. Anyway, I hope I answered your questions.




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