I always wonder what you’d say - if you really saw his majesty,

If you could sense his presence near, and in your mind the bright expanse see

I always wonder what you’d do, if you could get beyond the everyday,

And feel the power of what he says, and the joy when you obey...

I always wonder how you’d act, if you could go near his throne

And see his eyes of flame and fire, with his might and power shown...

I always wonder if he could take your hand, and you could go into his presence for a day, If he could show you the wonders in his word, and you could really hear what he has to say

I always wonder if you could see more than a dusty church, or religion or motions that seem pointless in your search; I always wonder if you’d finally say, “Lord I want to be with you every day...”

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.