My First Visit to the Grand Canyon

I grew up around the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and until a few months ago I had never seen the Grand Canyon. I found that there is no comparison between what I have seen all my life and what I saw just recently.

The Grand Canyon is impossible to describe. It is impossible to compare to anything I have ever seen. If you go up the Poudre Canyon in Colorado the sights are truly incredible, but nothing can prepare you for the vista that opens up to you when you first see the Grand Canyon.

I went to the south rim, and after parking the car I walked on a trail through some pine trees. The view of the Grand Canyon opens up to you after you get past the “curtain” of trees.I had to catch my breath. I was speechless, and totally overwhelmed by the vast wonder of nature before me.

Close-up picture of trees on the left with high zoom magnification; location of trees from distance is shown in the picture below, just to give you an idea of the incredible distance.

My camera had a 32 X digital zoom, which I had maxed out to get the trees. I couldn’t see the trees in the viewfinder; I found the trees later on using a video editing program that allowed me to extract each frame.


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