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“Drifting Sand” Poem...

“Bring You Flowers” is a new page in the Galaxy Cafe section. This page is dedicated to our troops  & their families, and is meant to honor those who are serving our country. “Bring You Flowers” is a song written and performed by Kristen Scott, a new artist on DesertSnow. The song is about a young woman who lost her husband in the war in Afghanistan, and is now raising her son alone. This song is based on a true story. As we celebrate the holidays, please remember our troops and their families in your prayers and in your gifts,  whatever you are able to do for them.

For God so loved each and every person throughout all ages that he sent his only Son (a Prince) to this world as a homeless man (a Pauper)...that whoever would believe that he really is a Prince and accept his death (as payment for the things they have done wrong),  they would not lose themselves (die) but inherit the true riches (that  will never fade), and live forever with God...John 3:16

“The foxes have their dens, and the birds have their nests, but I, the Messiah (Jesus Christ) do not have a place to lay my head.”   Matthew 8:20

The Galaxy Cafe has “food for the soul,” and includes special features about musicians around the world. As time goes on, more artists will be added. During the holiday season, new articles, videos, and art will be  added. I hope you enjoy these pages. If there is something you would  like to see in this section, especially with regard to our troops and their families, please send us an email at - thanks!

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As of September 16th, 2011 when the CD is released worldwide...

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All proceeds go back into the work of, which is for encouraging those who have suffered a loss, especially those who have lost loved ones.

Look for the following picture when the CD/DVD set is released on iTunes,, and several other music outlets:

As of September 16, 2011:

The CD can be purchased on - it is being sold in a DVD case as a 2-disk set. The CD has 12 songs, and the DVD has 3 of my animations - “River of Fire,” “SPIKE!” and “Glass Dawn - the demo reel.” Please note that they don’t tell you this on iTunes, etc.

The Galaxy Cafe has “food for the soul.” You can pick from this menu to find poetry, music, interviews, stories, and other features that are meant to encourage you.  Enjoy!

“Piano Black” is a new animated video by Randy Stahla. Playing the piano becomes a way of healing for someone who is pondering  all the people in the world who are homeless and have nowhere to go. The music is played spontaneously and becomes the song of the pianist's  heart to bring healing and help to himself and those in the world who are suffering. In the process, he is transported in his imagination to heaven, where he sees a piano that is indestructible, in contrast to the piano he is playing that will turn to dust someday. In eternity, there  is no one who is without a home, no one who is lonely, no death, or crying, or pain, and the struggles of this life will fade away - just as the black piano will be replaced by one made of diamond material.

Stacey Dee Interview


“Bring You Flowers” is a new page dedicated to those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom, as well as their families who have been left without them. The song “Bring You Flowers” is based on a true story about a widow who has lost her husband in the war in Afghanistan and now has to raise their young son alone.


This video features the song by Danny Ray, a musician on - “December 32nd.” This is a true story from World War II. Here is the text from Youtube:

 From: starlightcincinnati Uploaded on February 03, 2010

Here is December 32nd. We filmed this in Nashville when it was about 19 degrees. The guys were such troopers to do this with out coats so we could see the military uniforms. This is in semi-high quality so you should be able to play it at full screen with a fair amount of quality. I always felt this is Danny's best song and it was such a joy to have him on the set  as we filmed it enjoy!


“SPIKE” is another animation by Randy Stahla, which is an allegory, comparing a world with total computer - control of humanity on a planet that has been taken over by impersonal regulations and bureaucracy. This animation might well be sub-titled as “Will anyone really listen - to the cry of the homeless?”


Danny Ray

Click on the picture to open up a player from - this will play his music, and you can view his profile  if you click on the picture inside the player page.


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