Friendly Streets


The streets here are friendly

No one has any fear

There won’t be any weapons

Or danger anywhere near


You won’t have to hurry

Or run after anyone

You won’t need nerves of steel

As you wonder if they have a gun


You won’t feel the asphalt

Of a hot and tiring day

You don’t need to stay alert

As you walk down danger’s way


You won’t wonder if your family

Is wondering where you are

You won’t hear sirens screaming

As you drive a roaring car


You won’t have to feel alone

As you wonder what to do

In a split second

When it’s all up to you


You won’t see a blazing fire

Raging on all the floors

Of a building where people are crying out

As you run from door to door


But now you walk upon the streets

Made of finest gold

Where soon you’ll be seeing again

The ones you wish to hold


The streets here are friendly

No one has any fears

For death has died

And is no more

And gone are all the tears….


By Randy Stahla 

Dedicated to those who have fallen in the line of duty and their family, friends, and fellow officers.


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