This poem is dedicated to Faith and Caitlin Kadlub, who were both killed in an auto accident when their car was hit by a semi truck. They both played the violin at their church, and were the only children of their parents. This poem talks about how incredibly important, life - changing events can happen right before our eyes on any day that goes by. We live our lifes, and do our jobs, and our minds are set on the daily grind most of the time. When Jesus died, it was like any other day in many respects. Yes, there were miracles, and hours of darkness, etc, but I wonder how many people forgot about the whole thing in less than a week unless they had followed Jesus. It is really hard to just “Let Faith and Caitlin go,” which is what the world usually wants. “Get on with your life. You’ve had enough time to get over this.” But that isn’t how things work. When you lose 2 people like Faith and Caitlin, the world for you will never be the same again. It is a time when you will go through - not around - a valley of grief that sometimes other people just don’t understand. But one thing that can bring hope is knowing that the King of the Ages met Faith and Caitlin, as they went through the doorway of death. “God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” In the daily grind of life, when most people won’t notice or even remember the tragedy that scars your soul forever, we have a God who loves us and allowed his only Son to die on a hill near a garbage dump while people made fun of him. God is always aware of the massively important things of life, even when everyone around us is completely unaware that your heart was just torn to shreds.



When Life Went By


The farmers plowed their fields,

The bakers made their bread,

Carts of food and flowers sold

And cattle and sheep were fed,


Life went by

Like any other day

But something like no other

Happened they say -

The Son of God was dying

On a hill out by a dump

Where farmers and bakers

And candle stick makers

Threw out what they didn’t want


Some people noticed

Some people cried

Some people ran away

On the day the Son of God died

But other people just baked their bread

Or made sure their animals were fed

Never taking a thought

For anything else that day

Except doing what you do

For a single days’ pay…


And years and years later

A helicopter flew overhead

Not many paid attention

Not much was even said

When they carried their priceless cargo

Quickly to a place

Where doctors and nurses tried so hard to race

Against the odds, against the clock,

Against the tragedy they tried to stop,

With everyone who loved them waiting to hear,

If perhaps there could be some good news

On that day so drear,

And finding that they had lost both sisters

Both children, both friends, both priceless girls

So very dear…


And the bakers make their bread

And farmers plow their fields

And life goes on and on

But will never ever yield

To the hopes and dreams and wishes of so many

Who wish they were back here

Who wish they were near…

Who must carry on in the everyday

And sometimes hold back the tears

When they remember Faith and Caitlin.


And on the day that Jesus died

Some people didn’t notice

While others stood and cried

But on that day the little things to some

Became the big things to come

The insignificant and weak

Became the strong and mighty words we speak

The whispers became shouts and songs

The silent agony became the praises of throngs

And turned into a mighty gathering of people from all ages

Who will bow the knee

Before the King of all Ages,

When the world of all peoples who have ever been,

Shall look with wonder and sing praises to him,

Who died a death by a garbage dump,

While the world went on with their all - important daily grind

And in their mind

It was just another day.


And when Faith and Caitlin left that day

Some people hardly noticed

As Faith and Caitlin went on their way – to heaven.

But as the door of death opened wide

Faith and Caitlin met him who was crucified

On a day like any other

When the daily grind goes on

Faith and Caitlin met the King of the Ages

And a new day dawned

That shall never end.


  • 5-7-09 Randy Stahla
  • Written in memory of Faith and Caitlin Kadlub and for all who miss them.

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