This poem is dedicated to Sam Spady’s  memory and her family and friends who knew that Sam liked to use bows and ribbons in her decorating and what she wore. The song on the Blue Ballerina CD is meant to invoke happy thoughts as people remember the beautiful way she used little things to brighten up people’s lives.

Bows and Ribbons are used at celebrations like Christmas and birthdays, and so this poem and the song by the same title should bring back happy memories of all the holidays that Sam gave to us a treasure we will never forget - herself.

Author: Randy Stahla, copyright 2006.

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Ribbons in your hair

And bows everywhere

Are the way

You dazzled the world around

And made music

Where there was no sound

Ribbons  were for clothes

Or a package that glows

They were  one way

You gave to the world around

And made things beautiful

When there was nothing in sight

Except your giving heart...

And thoughts and expressions of your love

Were gathered together

In all the Bows

In all the ribbons

You so carefully placed

All  around

And bows and ribbons

Are a way that shows

That we will always remember

Sam Spady...

Bows and ribbons

Are like seeds that sow

Memories of your kindness

That continue to grow

In spite of a dark world

Bows and ribbons

Everyone knows

Remind us of happy days

Like the sun’s rays

That sparkle in the dew -

They remind us of you

As you went everywhere

With a smile and a care

For the world around

Bows and ribbons

Will always bring cheer

And all through the years

Will be a way to remember you...


Play the Bows & Ribbons song from this web site (dial-up loading will be fairly slow, because this is hi-fi quality).

Check out the Blue Ballerina CD, and listen to the Bows & Ribbons song in lo-fi (for dialup) or hi-fi.

Comments by others:

 Lauren Jaquez


Ft. Collins, Colorado

To the Spady Family and Friends: I lived on the same floor as SAM BAM in westfall last year. I hung out with her on a regular basis and I miss her more than she will ever know. Rick, Patty and Matt, a wonderful person was in sam and she made me feel so special when i was around her. I rememeber everything about her, the way she wore ribbons with her outfits, the artwork on the walls - I would stare at it when we hung out in her room and the lip gloss she put on all the time. She was my friend and i had just spoken with her that friday. She always made me smile and was a treasure to have known and loved. I am so sorry for your loss. Sam will be missed by so many and she left an impact on my life that i will never forget. I have a few pictures of us hanging out, which you are more than welcome to see. Your daughter and sister was an angel on earth. AND I AM SO PROUD TO CALL HER MY FRIEND! I miss you Sam Bam.


Shannon Stitt


Santa Monica, California

Dear Spady Family, My name is Shannon Stitt and I am a recent graduate of CSU and was also a member of Chi Omega...I remember the first day your daughter walked into our house during rush, being a senior I saw such a glow come from her face and I knew that if this girl became a member of our house we were going to be the lucky ones...I just moved to California two months ago, and my heart is broken and I can't stop thinking about Sam.....Your daughter was amazing to so many people....Last year I broke my ankle and Sam would always come over and ask me if she could do anything for me. From those days on I knew she was different from the rest. All of my prayers are with you and your family during this tragic time...I know that we have never met but I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why your daughter is so amazing....Sam touched my life just being herself...she will be greatly missed. Always, Shannon Stitt


Sara Korus


Kearney, Nebraska

Dear Rick, Patty, and Matt, I am heartbroken over the loss of this amazing friend. I'm sorry I was not able to be there on Thursday to share memories with everyone. I just wanted to share with you how great of a friend Sam was to me all throughout cheerleading. I don't think I could have been able to handle three years of it without her! She was the person I could I talk to about so many things-whether it dealt with cheerleading, school, or whatever I had on my mind. She was always making me and so many others laugh. Her smile was truly contagious. I, as well as other members of our squad I'm sure, will hold these memories of Sam close to our hearts. I'm starting to find comfort in knowing that there's an angel watching over so many people now. Please know you are all in my prayers. -Sara


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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.