A “Blue Screen,” also known as a “Chroma Key,” gives movie makers the ability to film their characters in front of a large blue (or green or black or other solid color) screen and then add other footage later to the background without endangering their actors. They can add explosions, space battles, wars with aliens, gunshots, or just about anything they want to the scene without the actors having to actually take part in it. They can do this by programming their equipment to “see” every color except the “key” color, which in this case is blue.

We live in the age of the Chroma Key - a time when movies can have “dangerous” scenes in them without actually being dangerous. We can watch our favorite stars take incredible risks without actually getting involved directly. The main message of this poem is that real life can be very deadly, and because we have grown up in “videospace,” the dangers of real life don’t seem so real.

It’s easy, in my opinion, to start thinking that you are invincible in an age when “reality” on the movies is just make-believe.

Blue Screen Heroes


You grew up in video space

Where danger was nil

Almost anything could happen

And nothing could kill


A hero suspended

By wires could fly

Through explosions and fires

And never die


And now you and your cell phone

Can walk through demolition

Your high heels and sneakers

Go through flying ammunition


You’re a blue screen hero

Suspended by wires

With giant fans blowing your hair

As you fly over fires

You really don’t understand

That life can be a liar

That you can’t reset the game

And get your life back

So you can fly higher


For when the movie is finished

And the cameras are turned off

No one can really fly

No one can be aloft


Some things have limits

Some things do not

To learn the difference

Will help you a lot


Your dreams and desires

Might reach to the sky

But blue screen heroes

Can’t really fly


Alcohol and drugs

Can make you believe

You’re a blue screen hero

But don’t be deceived

For just when you think

You could never die

You find, “It won’t happen to me”

Is only a lie….

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.