You can listen to the Blue Ballerina CD on, where they have lo-fi and hi-fi tracks for you to sample.

“Randy Stahla is a poet but  instruments are his pens. His fingers tell stories through the dreamlike, melodic sounds he creates; they are movies for the mind, producing images of love and eternal peace. Blue Ballerina is his latest masterstroke, a moving collection of cinematic arrangements that warm the heart while stimulating the imagination.”  Michael Sutton, Journalist, Tacoma, Washington

"If dreams had soundtracks, Randy Stahla would be among its best composers...Stahla produces an incandescent mind trip, liberating our minds from our bodies, and allowing them to soar into the recesses of our subconscious." Kyrby Raine, Ink19 Magazine

“Stahla is more like a snake charmer than a musician. His compositions soothe and hypnotize. We are dazzled and at peace as mesmerizing, cinematic keyboards fill the speakers with profound inner calm.”  Adam Harrington, Whisperin&Hollerin Magazine, U.K.

There are 3 Blue Ballerina articles, as well as a CD with the same title. The original poem became very popular with visitors to this site, and more material has been added as time went on.

If you have lost someone to an act of violence, these articles should prove to be very encouraging to you. For those left behind, it is wonderful to know that God takes care of people even in the midst of the worst circumstances.


The original Blue Ballerina Poem - read this first.

The story is continued, with her journey to heaven.

The story continues with a comemoration by those left behind, and the celebration of an eastern custom.

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“Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.