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In this poem, “Blue Ballerina” is the name of any person who has died because of a crime.  She represents those innocent people whose lives have been cut short by violence. The poem talks about her entrance into glory and the experiences she has during her first time in heaven. I believe that this poem will prove to be very comforting and encouraging for those who have lost a loved one, especially due to violence.

Violence against women has reached epidemic proportions, and this poem is about a young woman’s journey after being battered for the last time. There is no violence in this story, and it is not intended to glorify violence (like so many stories do nowadays). It is rated “G,” for general audiences, just like the poem that preceded it (i.e., “Blue Ballerina”).

Blue – Where Are You?

Blue looked behind her, and saw that her former body was not moving. People were looking for her, and she knew it would be awhile before they found her – what she used to be.


She turned and saw someone with human appearance in front of her, motioning for her to come forward. The scene behind her slowly disappeared, and light formed a wall that soon enveloped the past.


The brief, intense pain she felt on earth was like a small stone in her shoe, a small glimmer from a candle of her life that was no longer important. The one with human appearance who was guiding her showed her a large tree by a river. The water was so clear, and the sound of the river was like hearing beautiful voices sing.


“Please sit here by the water, and pick one of the leaves,” the one with human appearance said. She was frightened by the flashing of his face, but when she looked into the water at her own reflection she was surprised to see her own face had become brilliant as well. She picked a leaf, and handed it to him. He rubbed the leaf in his hands, and dabbed some of the water from the river in amongst the tiny pieces that were forming a kind of paste.


“Rub this poultice on your shoulder.” She knew from where she used to be that a poultice was an adhesive-like mixture that was heated, placed into a cloth, and then rubbed on inflamed or injured skin to bring about healing. A poultice from the Ash tree was used in the old days for snakebites.


She rubbed it on her shoulder. She felt pain, but not on the outside. It was on the inside – in her spirit. The person who hurt her where she used to be (and caused her to die on earth) had caused wounds that were too deep for her to understand.


“Why were we created with bodies on earth? When they are beautiful, people sometimes hurt and abuse them. I loved the person who hurt me, but he continually hit me. I wanted him to love me in return, but his love was so fickle. It was so unreliable. I didn’t feel secure with him. I never understood this, but I let him hit me, hoping that he would change. But he never did. Why did God create us with bodies?”


She felt a kind of warmth deep in her spirit. She looked at the water, and felt peaceful.


The one with human appearance answered, “God created you with a physical body to give you a way to touch another human and show kindness and respect. It was an extension of your soul, and a way to have tangible, touchable communication. But when affection becomes like a god, and takes over to become the main focal point of human contact, respect and dignity can be lost. When people see each other as a means of temporary gratification, and when they see another person’s body as something to gain power over and to conquer, it can lead to tragedy.”


“Why didn’t God interfere? Why didn’t God stop the person who hurt me,” Blue asked.


“When God created humans, he gave them a lot of power. The power to hurt and conquer, the power to love and be loved, the power to take care of their world according to the choices he or she made.”


Blue asked, “The ones who love me will be looking for me, but I am gone. I won’t be going back – they will shed many tears because I am out of their reach.” With these words, the ache in her spirit returned.


“God will wipe away all tears. He will never leave you or forsake you. Never doesn’t just mean on earth. It means never. Not when you were being hurt, not when you left earth, not during the journey here, not now or ever, never.”


“I know about myself, but what about them – the ones left on the earth?’


“When you were little, I was there beside you. When those who raised you were little, others like me were with them. For years unending we have been there, following God’s commands. We can’t interfere with the power that God gave mankind to choose, to live, to love or hate, to respond to tragedy in any way they see fit. Each human has a certain time, a certain place, and a certain world that they often make for themselves. The person who hurt you will most likely spend a long time in earth’s prison system. His parents will be heartbroken. Each person represents a community, and many people in each person’s world who knew you will feel the after-shocks of this tragedy. God has multiple thousands of us who stand near each person, but we can only do his bidding. If we interfere with your world, we may face judgement for crossing over a boundary. Even the ocean has a boundary. The waves of the sea only come so far, and then they return. It is the same with us. We never cross boundaries unless the Sovereign Lord gives the command.”


“But what about the ones who love me and miss me?”


The one with human appearance answered,

“’Where is Blue,’” they will say

They will look for you every day

They may not find you right away

But when they find Blue

They will have found only an empty shell

Only the one who fell

After she was hurt

And who cannot tell

Anyone what happened because she is gone forever

But those with faith will have power

And through the tears of that hour

Will receive beauty for ashes

And a garland of praise

Instead of a spirit of heaviness

They will see that you are gone

And that we are taking care of you now…”


She rubbed the poultice on her other shoulder. She could barely remember, but she was hit very hard on her other shoulder. Her body was gone, but her spirit felt the pain that happens when you are hurt so badly by someone you love.


She remembered when they first met, and their marriage and their children. She remembered how secure, how loved she felt at first. She remembered how many times she cried as time went on.


The one with human appearance knew her thoughts. He handed her a bottle that had her name on it.


He told her, “This is God’s bottle, where he stored your tears. He knew every time you cried. He saved your sorrow, and here it is. Now is your chance to get rid of it forever.”


“What do you mean,” she asked.


“You can hang on to these tears, or break the bottle, and everything will blow away in the wind of heaven.”


She smiled, and her spirit started to feel better. She took the bottle, and threw it as far as she could. She saw it fly away, and it just kept going. It was forever gone!


All this time she didn’t realize that they were traveling very fast. It was very strange. They were moving, but not moving. They were still, but not still.


She saw a bright flash, like lightning. It was overwhelming, and a power came over her that made her feel weak. She went to her knees. She stared down at the ground, which had turned into what looked like immeasurably thick glass. A hand touched her, and spoke her name.


“Blue…” the voice said softly.


She looked up and saw a hand. Grotesque, hurt, scarred, was this hand. She timidly took the hand, looking slowly upward. Glowing eyes of fire and lightning looked right through her. She was terrified, but felt completely safe at the same time. She could see he had been terribly hurt – much worse than she was. He touched her spirit, her soul, and she knew that this stranger knew her through and through. There was no hiding. There was nothing that she could cover up.


Then she knew who it was. Not another being with human appearance. But a human – the Son of man. And the Son of God. All of the pain left in her spirit was gone, and she saw myriads and tens of thousands of beings with human appearance surrounding them, filling the sky above them and beneath them with beautiful sounds.


“You know me…” she said softly, “You know me, you know me…” she was completely overwhelmed.


He spoke with a voice that was soft but shook the foundations and caused all the beings around them to stop and listen, “Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last, and the Living One, and I was dead, and now I am alive forevermore, and I hold the keys of death and hades.”


All her pain, her fear, her trauma, melted away -  and then she remembered once again what she had heard earlier, “He shall wipe away all tears, and sorrow and pain shall be no more.”


“Blue, where are you?” she could imagine her friends and family calling out.


“I’m in my Father’s house,” she whispered.


“Blue, where are you?”


“I am with the One who is called Faithful and True.”


“Blue, where are you?”


“You will find only a shell at this time on the earth, but someday you will be here in this place too.”


Blue imagined them saying, “Through faith, we can see Blue Ballerina, and the God who is taking care of her.”


“Never will I leave you, or forsake you,” the Son of Man, the Son of God promises.


And never means never.


The End



Explanation of the Basis for This Story


This story is based upon several passages from the Bible. There are many passages in the Bible about heaven. Most of them are never heard, and even when there is a funeral that quotes scripture, only about 10% of the scriptures in the Bible are ever used. The scriptures that are used at funerals are usually the same ones, used over and over. No wonder people get bored with the Bible and no wonder you always hear, “Well, we aren’t meant to know much about the hereafter, and there isn’t much in the Bible about it.” This is completely wrong.


Bible verses about eternity are scattered throughout the scriptures, and when you form a picture of heaven it can only happen through putting many pieces together from each verse. I am not saying you can know everything, but you can put together enough to get a good idea of what God is like, His character, what He has planned, and other things that are very encouraging.


There are many eastern customs and background stories and information that tie into the Biblical accounts of supernatural events, explanations, testimonies, and promises. When you study all this information, you cannot help but be awe-struck and excited about what God has planned for us (because He loves us so much).


For example, in the east, in ancient times, mourners at a funeral would shed tears into a bottle. The bottle was placed into the grave or tomb with the deceased person. It was a symbol of their love and grief that would not fade away. In the Psalms, it talks about God, and says the following:


“You have seen me tossing and turning through the night. You have collected all my tears and preserved them in your bottle! You have recorded every one in your book.”

Psalm 56:8, Living Bible


The idea of the poultice, or healing leaves, comes from the following passage:

“And he pointed out to me a river of pure water of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb, coursing down the center of the main street. On each side of the river grew Trees of Life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month; the leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations.”

Revelation 22:1-2, Living Bible


Apparently there will be a need for healing, even in heaven. Imagine all the suffering that people go through while on the earth. Even after they leave the earth, I think they will need healing in their spirits. What about little children that are hurt terribly by adults? What about innocent victims of crime? What about the people in times past, when they saw their loved ones tortured and killed by those in authority who insulted God by calling themselves “Christians?”


Listen to the calm and peaceful music of the Blue Ballerina CD.


Think about this story while you listen, and the wonderful things that God has planned for us, and for our loved ones that we miss so much.


“Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last, and the Living One, and I was dead, but now I am alive forever more, and I hold the keys of death and hades.”

Revelation 1:17-18

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.