Blue Ballerina
Your shoes are off

This story goes along with the Blue Ballerina poem and the “Blue, Where are you?” feature. Read the explanation at the end to help you understand where this story is coming from.

I read "ballet shoes" and was very touched. Before she died, my daughter took dance class. She wasn't able to perform in her second year dance recital for which she had practiced so hard, but the owner of the dance studio dedicated the entire show to her memory. My wife and I were invited to watch the other students and, though it broke our hearts to know that she wasn't there, we were very touched by the outpouring of love by the studio, the other parents, and her fellow students. I even have a pair of small ceramic tapshoes that were made into an ornament, given to us in my daughter’s  memory to place on our Christmas tree . . . so I do understand the significance of this poem...  It's excellent.”

From Wayne via email

...slowly disappearing with time

Turning into a memory; a dream from yesterday

Your shoes that carried your feet
Your dancing feet
Are no more
 - But you will last forever...

And in your weakness

the Holy One will meet you

And make all things new

And you will dance before the King

In festive array

That shall never disappear or go away

And for a few moments, as we remember you

The shoes of the dance company are off too

But someday we will join you in the dance of heaven....

There are many lessons, and many analogies that can be seen in the “Ballet Shoes” poem.

As her shoes disappear, it shows the temporary nature of everything on earth.

Also, the removal of shoes comes from an eastern custom. Shoes were removed during times of mourning. They were also removed when people went into a temple because it was holy ground.

The symbolism lies in the idea that Blue Ballerina is leaving the earth and will spend eternity on holy ground.  In this poem, the company of dancers remove their shoes in mourning during a time of memorial.

The shoes of athletes carry them to victory. The shoes of  dancers are an integral part of their performance. But shoes are removed when people are mourning. Maybe it represents vulnerability and helplessness. During a time of mourning, we need the strength and the peace of God that transcends all human understanding. This gives us the ability to walk on a new path - the path of grief - on bare feet that are vulnerable - like us.

Without shoes, we are limited. Billions of dollars are spent every year on shoes that allow us to go places and do things. In the poem about the “Ballet Shoes,” Blue Ballerina is completely helpless. She is going through the doorway of death. But that is where God meets her, and takes her to a place of complete safety, peace, and rest - where He is. And it is comforting to know that when we can’t do anything, God is doing everything well.

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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.