By Randy Stahla


If you were the King of the universe

And you wanted to give to the human race

A message, a plan, an explanation of the stars in space

Of why and where and how do we place

Everything in order and order everything in place

In our little corner of the cosmos and space

What would you do?


If you were the King of the universe

And you had a library so vast

That there was no one who could count the books

No one from the present or the past


If you were the King of the universe

What books to the Earth would you send

How would you decide what to confide

What knowledge would you lend


Would you explain the fossil record

Or give to mankind the chance

To invent anti-gravity

Or simply improve romance


Would you send books about history

Or about dinosaurs or great mysteries

Of endless questions of little bearded men

Who sit in musty rooms and ponder to the end

Who live their lives for a knowledge race

But appear and vanish without a trace

Whose thoughts may all be forgotten

Unless they are written

In another volume of the endless thoughts of man


If you were the King of the universe

Would you send books on celestial mechanics

Or new kinds of mathematics

Or the keys to the thousands of chemicals

That exist in cells and plants and other things

That always change and always bring

Ions and quarks and mesons and gamma rays

Together in all the murky random soups and goops

That bring all the scientists to stoop

Over microscopes and telescopes and spectrophotometers and whatever

To give us more knowledge and that make us feel clever


How many books would you send

In the book mobile from knowledge central

What volumes would you select

For each person to use their pencil

To underline and ponder

The way beyond the yonder

The vast arrays of particle plays

The yes and no - the yays and nays

Would there be books on shelves

That little astro - elves

Could organize at the speed of light

For all the hungry souls

To read at night

For all the questions about right and might

And light and a dog’s bite

For everything that you could wonder

‘Bout palm trees and frogs and thunder

What books would you send?


If you didn’t send the whole lot,

Someone would complain, “Is that all you’ve got?’

If you didn’t send the whole she-bang,

Someone would complain, “What about the big bang?”

If you didn’t tell all about history,

Or other endless mysteries,

The humans would not believe you

Or like you or receive you

And especially if they couldn’t conceive of you,

Because of a lack of data,

Your message would become errata,

And too shallow of strata,

For the learned ones to dig.


And some would send a committee,

Or money or consultants or pity,

But the King of the universe sent His Son.


“In Him are held all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge…”

Colossians 2:3


“And the Word became human, and lived among us.”

John 1:14


The Bible doesn’t explain the fossil record, because it’s not a book about science. The Bible doesn’t explain all of history, because history is not its theme.


The Bible’s central theme is about the God-man, Jesus Christ, and that he came to die for the sins of the world. It’s about his resurrection from the dead, and the hope that those who accept his payment for their sins have. It’s very basic, simple, and to the point. You can spend your whole life trying to retrofit the Bible for your own purposes, and even misuse its message. But a child can understand the message. God loves us and sent His Son. Each person must receive that gift, and accept the payment made by His Son for our sins. You can pray this simple prayer and receive eternal life:

“Dear Lord Jesus, please come into my life, forgive me of all I have done wrong, and be my Lord and Savior.”


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Blue Ballerina” was written for those who have lost someone because of a crime.